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Silver Hand - Maghteridon Guild History!

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Posted 31 March 2014 - 07:58 PM

Short history of Silver Hand - Alliance guild - Magtheridon EU


     Formed in late TBC time, the guild founder Glyndis thought that maybe there could be a guild composed entirely of Paladins, having in mind the lore of the Order of the Silver Hand, created by Uther The Lightbringer way back after the First War.

     Idea was sustained by the fact there are all 3 specs available for Paladins, but as the time passed it was considered that it would be easier to fight back having various classes to join our ranks and not only Paladins.


     During WotLK our knights were still gathering forces with which to combat evil and only in Cataclysm Exapnsion our guild was posted in top 15 raiding guilds on Magtheridon realm. Following Expansion in Mists of Pandaria, we posted ourselves in top 10.

     Taking into consideration that our raiding schedule is set as a casual rate we are proud of the achivevements obtained during these 2 past exapnsions.


     Our ranks are mostly composed of Romanian players making it easier to gather IRL sharing plenty of ale while planning where our fights in WoW grounds to be focused next.

     To further coordinate our battles we have at our disposal an TeamSpeak3 dedicated server, forum containing raiding discussions with tactics and other side topics, calendar and shoutbox! Also our Facebook page is available.


     Now The Legion is upon us and Silver Hand once jumps in the fight trying to push the demons back where they came from! With this in mind, knights of the Light welcomes any strong heroes that wishes to be part of our ranks to strike hard at their foes!


See you on the battlefield!

Silver Hand Team

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